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vex::vexlink Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for vex::vexlink:
vex::device vex::message_link vex::serial_link

Public Member Functions

 vexlink (int32_t index, const char *name, linkType type, bool isWired=false)
bool installed ()
bool isLinked ()
bool isReceiving ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vex::device
 device (int32_t index)
V5_DeviceType type ()
int32_t index ()
void init (int32_t index)
virtual int32_t value ()
uint32_t timestamp ()

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

 vexlink (int32_t index)
int32_t debug (int32_t id)
void baud (int32_t baudrate)

Static Protected Member Functions

static uint32_t crc32 (uint8_t *pData, uint32_t numberOfBytes, uint32_t accumulator)
static uint32_t strcrc32 (const char *str)

Protected Attributes

linkType _type
bool _isWired
bool _eventAdded
uint8_t _txbuffer [max_buffer]
uint8_t _rxbuffer [max_buffer]
uint8_t _linkname [max_name_len]
int32_t(* _avail )(uint32_t index)
int32_t(* _peek )(uint32_t index)
int32_t(* _read )(uint32_t index)
int32_t(* _receive )(uint32_t index, uint8_t *buffer, int32_t length)
int32_t(* _free )(uint32_t index)
int32_t(* _write )(uint32_t index, uint8_t c)
int32_t(* _transmit )(uint32_t index, uint8_t *buffer, int32_t length)
- Protected Attributes inherited from vex::device
int32_t _index
int32_t _threadID

Static Protected Attributes

static const uint32_t max_buffer = 512
static const uint32_t max_name_len = 128
static uint32_t _crc32_table [256]

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