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vex::console Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void init ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vex::brain
 brain ()
 Creates a new brain object. More...
double timer (timeUnits units)
 Gets the value of the timer in the units specified. More...
void resetTimer ()
 Resets the timer to zero. More...
void setTimer (double value, timeUnits units)
 Sets the timer to a value and time unit. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from vex::brain
enum  tEventType { EVENT_LCD_PRESSED = 0, EVENT_LCD_RELEASED = 1 }
- Public Attributes inherited from vex::brain
vex::timer Timer
 Use the Timer class to obtain the system time. More...
lcd Screen
 Use the Screen class to write or draw to the screen. More...
triport ThreeWirePort = triport( PORT22 )
 The Brain's instance of Three Wire Ports A through H. More...
battery Battery
 This is the Brain's instance of the battery. More...
sdcard SDcard
 This is the instance of the SD card class. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from vex::brain
static int32_t _getIndex ()

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