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VEXcode API Reference

This site includes information on the V5 API included inside of VEXcode Pro V5.

To explore all of the commands and classes available inside of the V5 API Reference, navigate to the Class Index from the main menu.


The Class Index contains a list of every Class available in the V5 API. Typically, each V5 device (motors, sensors, controllers, etc.) will correspond to a specific Class. Select a Class from the Class Index to learn more.


Once inside a Class, you can see a list of every function (command) and variable associated with that class.

Some functions and variables will be links to additional information available inside of the API Reference.

Select a function with a link to learn more information about that command.


Functions and variables with more information available will provide details about the specific function or variable and also provide information on any parameters or setting available with the function/variable.